Opal Fabrics

Choose from:

Roller, Roman and Panel Glide Blinds with this exquisite fabric range. Opal brings you extra style components with a Light Filtering collection in addition to Blackout Fabrics.

Which means that, you can control the lighting strength in your home, plus, have the choice of both translucent and blockout for your Double Roller Blinds. The Opal range is 100% Polyester, acrylic coated, with added foamed acrylic backing on our blackout fabric

Gypsum Fabrics

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Roller, Roman and Panel Glide Blinds with a unique twist. Our Gypsum range comes in 10 sharp colours to bring out the boldness in your home. PVC Free, 100% Polyester and Acrylic Coatings. Available in Blackout and Light Filtering.

Kismet Fabrics

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Vertical Blinds, Roller, or Panel Glide Blinds from Kismet. Let the 100% Blackout fabrics attract you to comfort and style.

Blockout that heat with 100% Polyester and Acrylic coating. Have peace of mind with our PVC and Lead-Free materials to cover your home and protect your family.

Sinious Fabrics

Our Sinuous range is 100% polyester with an acrylic coating. From a wellbeing and performance perspective Sinuous is PVC and Lead Free, Dust and Mould resistant. Available in 31 colours.

Block out natural light and heat with our 100% Blackout fabrics. Simple to care for and maintain so you can expand the life of your window furnishings. Choose from Vertical or Roller Blinds to create the perfect feel for your home or office.

Shadescreen Fabrics

Shadescreen fabrics give you the opportunity to use the filtered light through the day to brighten your rooms, plus, giving you slight privacy. These shades offer 95% UV Protection and are Lead Free.

Available in both Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds. Simple to Clean and maintain with a duster or soft cloth, and, fabric may be wiped with a damp sponge and dried with a clean cloth.

Sanctuary Fabrics

Choose from:

Roller, Roman and Panel Glide Blinds with natural colours to accentuate your own home hideaway. Sanctuary speaks for itself with the warm collection of tans, browns and cream tones.

Available in 10 colours – both Light Filtering and Blackout. PVC Free. The Sanctuary range is 100% Polyester. Plus, colour co-ordinated foamed acrylic backing on the Blackout fabric. Our Light Filtering fabric is Acrylic Coated.